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Cosmic Project is the meteoric French rise of recent years. His productions and mixes with diversified, powerful and intense sounds highlight his passion for Peak Time techno.

Passionate about music, it is thanks to his family who introduced him to musical culture since his early childhood. From the age of 14, it was for Techno that his DJ / producer ear took his first steps
Originally from the east of France, it was from the age of 18 that Cosmic Project decided to cross the German and Swiss border in order to listen live to its greatest influences Monika Kruse, Chris Liebing, Thomas Schumacher, Jeff Mills etc.

Passionate about mixing and production, he quickly found himself on German stages thanks to his unparalleled mixing techniques and his scenic energy.

2020 is the year of consecration. Its quality of production and djing is heard in the universe of techno by resounding to the temple of the party ‘Ibiza’.
Cosmic Project is also a visionary producer with its own musical signature. His style has conquered the biggest labels of this world: Numen Rec – IAMT Music Group – Airborne Black – Red channel Records and now with Exetra Records with unique tracks.

His Beatport Hype ranking only confirms his musical genius with his productions ‘ Cosmic Order EP ‘ ranked in the Top 15 of the best tracks of September 2022 ( Label Airborne Black ) as well as ‘ Universe ‘ which is part of the Top 50 of the best tracks of June 2022 and these results allowed him to have an article in the famous magazine ‘ Dj ‘ .

Thus the greatest DJs like Joseph Capriati, Marco Faraone, Xenia, Tony Romanello, Steve Mulder, Torsten Kanzler, Eddie Halliwel were able to collaborate with Cosmic Project to make their mix more authentic by integrating the style and know-how of this dj/producer.

Cosmic Project is above all a musical imprint that takes you on a journey through its melodic, acid sounds and powerful climbs. His sets are endowed with a transcendent power from which you will feel the bewitching charm of Peak Time Techno.

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