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Awarded multiple times as best DJ in Colombia. Music producer, founder and director of the record label DTL Records.

Her skills both in the studio and behind the decks have already been more than demonstrated over more than a decade of experience. The exceptional and natural connection that is perceived between the public and its sessions, sum of energy, spontaneity, charisma, long experience and great musical knowledge; infallible badge of all her presentations: people always ask for more.

From large stages in front of audiences of 75,000 people to the smallest niche rooms they have vibrated with the frequencies of her meticulous, explosive and surprising live mixes. Likewise, her studio mixes, to which she dedicates most of her days, have been broadcast through the most important specialized radio stations in the world such as Ministry Of Sound, Ibiza Radio, Proton Radio and Frisky Radio among others; with a record of more than a hundred sessions online.

She has gained great recognition as one of the most reputable leading DJs and producers in Latin America, constantly refining her sound, expanding the limits of her musical ambition and evolving organically over time; incorporating not only Techno and House, but also a wide variety of genres that go well beyond Dance music.

Born in New York, Colombia raised. From a young age she demonstrated her innate talent and that absolute conviction that led her to debut as a teenager with great legends and exponents of the international scene in one of the main, perhaps the most emblematic of the clubs of all time in the city of Bogotá, the unsurpassed Cinema Club, today non-existent (1999 – 2009). Thus quickly becoming one of its most representative residents achieving an early exhibition on tours throughout Colombia and different countries of America, sharing Decks with some of the most respected and well-known DJs on the planet such as Charlotte de Witte, Stephan Bodzin, Maceo Plex, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Underworld, Deadmau5 , just to mention a few. With an agenda full of presentations and multiple commitments incessantly, she constantly plays in the best and biggest clubs, raves, festivals as well as the most exquisite parties and exclusive events throughout the country.

Designer and filmmaker, a great visual arts enthusiast. She studied Design at the University of Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) with a Master in Film from the SVA (School of Visual Arts) of New York, where he had as a mentor the prestigious filmmaker and director of music videos Bob Giraldi. She alternately directs and films her own music videos. She received the award for ‘Best music video of the year’ (2018) in addition to being selected and invited to screen her pieces during the SVA Film Festival, also in the same year. She was chosen by Crehana, one of the largest and most important online universities in Latin America to create and direct an electronic music production masterclass which became one of the best-selling courses of the year.

Currently her record label, DTL Records, with more than 120 artists, is one of the underground electronic music platforms with the greatest projection in Colombia.

For Pao Calderon it is only the beginning, her achievements are the result of a great devotion, 15 years of meticulous work, discipline, research, effort, commitment and dedication mark the permanent rise of an obviously uncontrollable career. She will continue her dance through life as a DJ until she finds a real job, even though the knobs, the blades and the music are undoubtedly all her own, her artifice, the greatest truth.

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