Gonzalo F is a DJ and producer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His love for electronic music led him to fulfill his desire to mix his music in the best clubs in Buenos Aires, naming Bahrein, Uniclub, Sunset Pilar and Cheka just to name a few.

He entered the world of production at the age of 17, hand in hand with the outstanding DJ’s school Arjaus, and then continued to incorporate knowledge and develop his talent with the renowned producer, Martin Kinrus.

Arpeggios and percussions merge in a trance with dubstep sounds, generating an intense tide of rhythmic and emotional sensations on the dance floor.

Gonzalo has managed to seal his music on labels such as Reload Records , Animarum , SpaceKraft , Kaligo Records , Gain Records and many more. At just 23 yeards old, he promise to make a splash in his career thanks to this talent on ableton live and his energy in the booth.

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