MOTVS is one of the finest name among the nowadays techno panorama, founded as a duo in early 2019 and has been continued by Leonardo as a solo artist, from 2022. His well appreciated techno made in Italy is always supported by the biggest acts around the world, and his works are a costant presence in the best selling charts.

His artistic training starts from the millennium era, multiple influences from that period can be recognized in his style, and thanks to his dexterity he is able to blend classic elements with futuristic sound designs.

Once established as one of the main artist from Autektone, he started challenging himself to reach new frontiers, and in a few moments later his music come out on such labels as Legend, Blackhole, Smilax, Animarum; and most of all he came up with the need of creating something more personal…

During the middle of 2021 he founded Exetra Records together with Impulse Factory, a new home for high standards productions open to reach new talents from around the world, and let the music speak as main porpuse.

His hunger for music is insatiable and the sound of the future in constant evolution; involved in many projects, his desire, since the beginning, is to make people move and enjoy what they listen to, while he is working behind the desk.

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