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Emmy Skyer is a DJ/producer from Mexico.

He began his career at the age of 18 and he took off as a producer when he signed for Redux Recordings.

Marco Paolo Pierucci, aka Marco Vortex, is a well-known DJ and producer for almost thirty years; he imposed his style into the best European clubs, later becoming a worldwide fame artist in the techno scene. His list of ‘played at’ is almost endless, and there is enough to mention his performances in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Poland, England, Denmark, Slovenia, France.. and pratically all the top clubs in Italy!

DJ VORTEX’s discography is too big to be listed, as well as the list of labels, its aliases, side projects and collaborations; nevertheless he has never forgotten his first love, the radio, and that’s why he continues to collaborate with many radio stations all over the world.

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