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Emmy Skyer is a DJ/producer from Mexico.

He began his career at the age of 18 and he took off as a producer when he signed for Redux Recordings.

He has been consolidating his own style and taking his music to renowned labels such as: Black Hole Recordings (HeavensGate), Monster Tunes, Pharmacy Music, Metamorph Recordings, Radiation Recordings, Aerodynamica Music, Phoenix Recordings, among many others.

He currently started a new project with an alter ego called M.A.N.N.E where he has been signed to labels like OHM Music and Addictive Sounds.

Emmy Skyer is an artist always on the move, pushing her style beyond its limits by mastering different ranges of styles and sounds, from melodic and emotional, with some Uplifting Trance, to acid, PsyTrance and Tech Trance,

His music have been supported by many of the best producers such as: Paul Va Dyk, Woody Van Eyden, Allen Watts, Yoshi & Razner, Steve Allen, Photographer, Nitros Oxide, Manuel Le Saux, Rene Ablaze.


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