Brisa is an emerging Spanish DJ and producer, passionate about Techno music.

From an early age he has been interested in electronic music, handling his first cd players at the age of 14, which has allowed him, despite his youth, to handle the audience and the dance floor perfectly in his sessions. Since 2019 he resides in one of the main Techno clubs in his hometown, Ourense, where he is known for his energetic sessions, with a refined musical selection, which hooks and makes the public enjoy.

As of 2020, Brisa has devoted most of his time to music production, forging his own style, which has allowed him to release tracks on labels such as Black Kat, Space Kraft, Autektone, and Exetra Records. With some recent entries in Beatport’s top 100 Techno, his productions are characterized by their hard-hitting foundations, with an addictive groove and catchy melodies, directly
influenced by the Trance genre.

Considering his young age, born in 1996, we can expect a lot of great Techno tracks in the future!

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